Website Projects


Project: USTradingCoach.com

Introduction This was an end-to-end site development project.  But, it involved very little customization and was built with off-the-shelf plugins and the DIVI 3.0 theme.  The customization that was done included a little CSS, choosing some images and setting options in the theme.  Overall it was a relatively smooth experience. Scope of Work: Modern Responsive…

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Website: www.tablepressstyles.com

TablePress is a wonderful free plugin for WordPress. But, the tables that are created are generic – plain looking with no sense of style. It occurred to us that we could vcreate a large number of easy-to-use reusable stylesheets that would make it easy to transform bland and generic looking TablePress Tables. The bonus would be that the styles could be used on any other table where a CSS classname could be assigned.

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