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Introduction This was an end-to-end site development project.  But, it involved very little customization and was built with off-the-shelf plugins and the DIVI 3.0 theme.  The customization that was done included a little CSS, choosing some images and setting options in the theme.  Overall it was a relatively smooth experience. Scope of Work: Modern Responsive…

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WordPress Theme Authors’ Big Mistake

I have purchased and used many themes and they all suffer from very similar limitations.  The most egregious is mobile support – for the purposes of this article this is the only limitation I will touch on today.  99.9% of configuration options I have seen in theme control panels are limited to a single value.…

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Real World Experience with Three WordPress Cloning Tools

Recently, I needed to clone a large WordPress site from my current hosting provider to an Azure-hosted virtual server. The reason for the clone was to get better performance at a price that wasn’t astronomical. WPEngine needed at least $600.00 to kick up the performance of the site, and highly recommended their $1200 solution in…

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